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Instructions for Final Year Projects (FYP) Submission

Congratulations to coming this far and you are almost there. It is mandatory for all students to submit their final year projects (FYP) to ADM Portfolio and DR-NTU for archival and showcase purposes. Here, you will find the complete instructions and guidelines to aid you your FYP submission.

The Platforms…

  • ADM Portfolio – A place to best exhibit your FYP visually in the digital space
  • ADM Portfolio is a unique collection of creative works by students at NTU School of Art, Design and Media (ADM). It was specially designed in collaboration between ADM and NTU Libraries.
  • DR-NTU – A place to archive your written FYP Reports
    DR-NTU, or Digital Repository NTU, is “an online digital archive that stores and provides access to academic and research publications of staff and students of NTU”. As follows are what you need to know to submit to DR-NTU.

The general FYP submission process…

To facilitate the production of the Gradshow Catalogue and other publicity materials, you will need to do the following (even if you have not completed your FYP):

  • Prepare your profile information to be updated on ADM Portfolio when it is ready.
  • Prepare preliminary details of your FYP to be updated in ADM Portfolio. Details include: project title and description, pictures, screenshots and/or trailers, name(s) of supervisor, keywords and techniques.

Final submission
When you are ready to submit your FYP, you will do the following:

  • Compile your FYP Report and submit to DR-NTU
  • Update the pre-submitted content of your FYP on ADM Portfolio
  • Substantiate your FYP submission on ADM Portfolio by adding about two to three of your most significant works completed during your 4-year journey in ADM.

Pre-submission of ADM Final Year Projects (FYP)

Content to prepare for pre-submission

Be sure to have the following content ready for the pre-submission:

Creator(s) Information

  • Full name, NTU username and key roles played* of each student
  • Group name, if any*
  • Teaching faculty (for coursework) or supervisor(s) for Final Year Projects (FYP)
  • Award(s) or recoginition(s), if any
  • Contact information (i.e. email addresses)
  • Websites and social profiles (e.g. OSS, Facebook, LinkedIn, Behance, etc.)

*Applicable for group submission only

Project Description

  • Title of project
  • Abstract or summary of what your project is about
  • Keywords or phrases that describe or interprets the topic(s) your project expresses
  • Material(s) or medium used n the project, if applicable
  • Dimensions or duration of your project, if applicable

Images and Video(s)

  • One featured image. The image should be compressed to web resolution of 72 dpi, and have a width of at least 1024px and height of no more 800px.
  • Additional images to complement your project submission. Images can include video stills, screenshots, drawings to highlight processes, etc. Images should be in web resolution of 72 dpi and have a width of at least 1024px.
  • A maximum of 8 images (FYP images only) that represent your project for the printing of the GradShow Catalogue. The images should be print-ready images at TIFF file format, 300 dpi with a maximum size of 1748px 2480px. Indicate one preferred image for thumbnail with ‘#’, i.e. fyptitle_image00_#.tif. The images are to be uploaded via a file-sharing platform such as Wetransfer, Google Drive and Dropbox. Provide the URL to download the images in the form.
  • Film trailer or video to complement your project submission. Provide the URL to video trailer or video content hosted on YouTube or Vimeo preferably. Video hosted on other platforms can be provided with an embed code.

Pre-submission Procedures for submitting to ADM Portfolio

Here are the steps to submit the content to ADM Portfolio.

Login and Student Profile

By now, each of you should be registered with an account for ADM Portfolio. Otherwise, email stating your NTU email, school and full name.

  • Sign in using your NTU username and password provided (or click Login on the top left corner).
  • Search for your name to find your profile, and click on the EDIT button at the top right corner to start.

Project Submission

  • On the top menu, select Submit Project and complete the form with the content prepared.
For Group Submissions...

For group submission, ALL group members are required to create their profiles but only ONE member is required to submit the project on behalf of the group. In the project submission form, select “Group” as submission type, include a group name if any, and indicate the names, usernames and roles of each member.

Final Submission of ADM Final Year Projects (FYP)

Deadline: Announcement via email

Your supervisor must have approved your report before you make the submission. In the event that your supervisor has instructed you to make changes, please ensure that those changes are made and the report is approved before making the submission. No hard copy submission is required. Wait for the email by the school that will provide instructions about deadlines!

Content to prepare for Final Submission

Be sure to have the following content ready for submission to each of the platforms.

Structured Abstract

Before you dash off to upload the report, please draft a structured abstract with the following information:

  • Purpose of project: What are the reason(s) or aims for doing the project?)
  • Design/Methodology/Approach: How are the objectives achieved? Include the main method(s) used for the project. What is the approach to the topic and what is the theoretical or subject scope of the project?
  • Findings: What was discovered when working on the project? Analysis / discussion / results?
  • Originality/Value: What is new in your project? State the value of your product and to whom?

Add the following information after your abstract:

  • Specialisation: Digital Animation / Digital Filmmaking / Interactive Media / Photography and Digital Imaging / Product Design / Visual Communication?

Keywords: Keywords act as search terms. Use the right keywords that are specific or best reflect your project. To get you started, you may choose any of the keywords in the table or come up with your own. Note no more than SEVEN keywords in total.

Digital Animation

Stop-motion Animation; Traditional animation; 2D Digital Animation; 3D Digital Animation; VFX & Compositing; Digital Painting; Graphic Storytelling

Interactive Media

Game Design; Sound Art; Interactive Art; Mixed Media Installation & Performance; Web Design

Product Design

Digital Product; Furniture Design; Interior Design; Kitchenware; Sculpture; Surface Design; Textile Design; Wearable Technology

Digital Filmmaking

Digital Film; Documentary Film; Ethnographic Film; Experimental Film; Short Film-Narrative

Photography and Digital Imaging

Experimental Photography; Black and White Photography; Fashion Photography; Documentary Photography; Landscape Photography; Mixed Media Photography

Visual Communication

Art Installation; Book Design; Editorial Design; Illustration; Information Graphics; Packaging; Visual Documentation; Branding; Web design

FYP Report (Refer to the report template here)

  • Minimum word count is 1,500. Maximum is 6,000 (appendix not included in word count). Each area has their own criteria for the number of pages. Check with the respective FYP coordinators regarding this.
  • The report must include a Cover Page. Use the front page of the report template as the Cover Page.  Do not change the typeface for the Cover Page, it has to be Times New Roman only. This document is an explicit style guide for your report.
  • Ensure that the page layout of your report is in Portrait (or vertical) orientation.
  • Save as or convert the full text of your report to unsecured PDF format.
  • Compile your report into a single file (i.e. put appendices, tables, bibliography, etc., together and not as separate items).
  • Name report file as:

ADM[Year of enrolment].[Year of project].[Matriculation Number]
– e.g. ADM16.20.U16XXXXXX.pdf

Accompany Materials

  • Save accompanying materials (e.g. photo journal, video, audio, etc.) in common multimedia formats (e.g. JPG, MP4) and upload as separate files. Please keep each file below 512MB. If you have a file that is larger than 512MB, split up the file into a few smaller files.

Append letters “a”, “b”, “c”, etc.
– e.g. 08.12.081997C17a.mp4

Final Submission Procedures for submitting to ADM Portfolio

Here are the steps to submit the content to DR-NTU and ADM Portfolio.


… for DR-NTU

Submission of FYP Report

  • Go to DR-NTU –
  • From the homepage, click on the Click Here to Deposit Publications/Theses/FYPs button to start a new submission.
  • You will be asked to login – do so using your NTU network account.
  • Choose “ADM Student Reports (FYP/IA/PA/PI)”, from the drop-down menu.
  • You will be asked to grant the Library a Non-exclusive Distribution License.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Describe your project. Under Abstract in the “Description” tab, insert the structured abstracted that you have prepared.
  • Attach the report in PDF format

If you encounter any problems or require clarification, please email

… for ADM Portfolio

By now, you should have created your profiles on ADM Portfolio and submitted the preliminary details of your FYP. Otherwise, refer to Pre-submission of ADM Final Year Projects (FYP).

Login to ADM Portfolio

  • Sign in using your NTU username and password (or click Login on the top left corner).

Update the pre-submitted content of your FYP on ADM Portfolio

  • Locate your pre-submitted project. Click on EDIT to update the project information of your FYP. Make sure all information is correct and complete.

Add other outstanding works to your individual profile

  • Similar to FYP submission, select Submit Project from the top menu. Complete the form.