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A House Is Not A Home

Abstract or Summary of Project

A House Is Not A Home opens with Yasmine finding out from her mother, Hayati that her brother, Khai, had been arrested for drug abuse.

As she scrambles to find out what she can do to help him and deals with her own work, she begins to question how much longer she can continue staying at home with her dysfunctional family. When Khai returns from back home, Yasmine begins seeing signs that he might be abusing drugs again. She tries to warn her mother that Khai has not changed but Hayati continues living in her deluded reality, dismissing Yasmine. When The Central Narcotics Bureau officers knock on the door for Khai, Hayati goes into a panic mode. Yasmine tries to dissuade her mother but she then realises that her mother will continue supporting her brother no matter what and that she had to leave her house. Before leaving, Yasmine apologies to her mother, feeling guilty that she is not supporting her mother in her time of need. As she moves in to her new house, the last few words her mother say to her are ringing in her head.

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May 16, 2020