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Anicca – Embracing The Nature Of Impermanence

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Anicca – Embracing The Nature Of Impermanence

Abstract or Summary of Project

Anicca is a Buddhist-inspired conceptual brand that questions the state of unhappiness in Singapore. It aims to share the invaluable insight of how embracing change can be a path to achieving contentment and happiness to those who seek them.
Inspired by the use of mementos in the daily lives of Buddhists and the notion of rituals in Buddhism such as the offering of the lotus to symbolize the fleeting nature of change, Anicca takes form of a wearable memento that helps one to embark on a mindful journey.
The journey begins with the experience of unfolding the lotus bud like packaging to depict impermanence. The paradox of craving to wear and then break the memento represents the need to free oneself from the world of permanence. This spiritually uplifting experience leaves behind a disintegrating message about change, provoking one to ponder the nature of existence.

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May 17, 2016