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Abstract or Summary of Project

Cachette – French word for cache
Definition [noun] : a secure place of storage

Cachette is anti-theft project which looks into the issue of theft in particularly pickpocketing. By studying how pickpockets operates and function within their syndicate group, this project propose methods to counter pickpocket in a subtle manner, with the study of the traditional way of safekeeping valuables and human taboo zone to identify suitable locations for integrating pockets/compartment on wearable for keeping valuables.

With advancement of technology and contactless payment becoming more prevalent in our modern life, pickpockets had also learnt to make use of technology to steal their victims’ identity and credit cards details without even laying a finger on them. Cachette also looks into this issue of electronic pickpocketing and propose counter methods by embedding radio wave shielding fabric into the garment to protect the wearer. 

Targeted for tourists and frequent travellers, Cachette aims to create a hands-free and more carefree travel experience for users, such that they can travel with no worries over the safety of their valuables.

Link(s) to FYP Report in DR-NTU (Restricted to NTU Access)

Posted on

May 20, 2015