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Abstract or Summary of Project

Continuum presents a series of time-lapse sequences formed by photographs of the sky. Each is a compilation of some 160 or more unique image strips, individually created through a process of cropping into a specific and identical part of each successive photograph. Ordered into a linear arrangement, the edges of each band marks a separate point in time. The progressive stacking of these consecutive images also documents the changes in light, colour and atmospheric conditions observed of a given position in the sky.

Photographic Image in Light Box

45 in x 60 in

Each image proposes an experience of time in a physical incarnation. An otherwise formless and ceaseless entity rendered in variations of hue and value, and held fixed within the pictorial frame. A paradox that allows the possibility for a slower and more visceral contact with an ageless current.

The project also extends thematically to include a secondary group of images that combine time- lapse and long exposure techniques to trace the movements of different celestial bodies in the sky over elapsed time. This appears as a continuous line of light traversing the picture plane. In photographing their trajectory, I mark their changing positions in time and space within the pictorial frame using my camera. This drawing of a line and act of mark-making connects me to our prehistoric ancestors who began making pictures upon cave walls and ceilings a many millennia ago.

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Posted on

May 17, 2016