Crystal Clear

Abstract or Summary of Project

Crystal Clear

“The total amount of water on Earth
has remained constant for thousands of years,
this means that the only water we will ever have, we have right now.


The aim of this project is to bring awareness to water being a scarce resource that should not be taken for granted. In addition, This project also sheds light to the less fortunate who do not have access to clean drinking water and thus, the audience is able to go an extra step by being able to donate to a cause providing aid. The patterns produced are translated into a photo book and apparels that can be purchased in the exhibition. All proceeds will go to, a foundation that helps provide clean water to areas in need.

Process and More Details

Social Context

Water is a finite vital resource consumed by human beings since the beginning of time, primarily for our bodies. However, throughout the years, the need to consume water has gone beyond basic survival brought upon the knowledge of water’s countless use and benefits. While water covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface, only 3% is fresh water, with most of this inaccessible to us.

Water is a limited resource and despite it being constantly cleaned and recycled through the earth’s water cycle, we are now using our planet’s fresh water faster than it can naturally be replenished. Particularly for developed countries such as Singapore where water is readily available from our taps, there is a high tendency to take water for granted and forget its value as a precious natural resource.


Crystal Clear’ is a tap water photography exhibition project that aims to re-establish the appreciation of water as a precious natural resource in today’s Singapore society.

Drawing inspiration from the beautiful water patterns found in nature that we do not see everyday, tap water represents the most direct way we encounter this natural resource. It is used as a primary medium to recreate some of these patterns found in nature and to capture water’s beauty even through a simple gesture of opening a tap.


1. Exhibition / Photo Book

Marina Barrage is chosen as the ideal location for the exhibition it is a place that promotes sustainability and conservation, tying in with the objective of the project in raising awareness. 30 large scale prints of the photographs will be exhibited at the central courtyard.

In addition, a photo book was created compiling all the photographs and will be sold as part of the merchandise that will raise funds for

E-book: Crystal Clear’ by Elisha Villanueva

2. Poster

The poster will be disseminated and posted in public areas to invite people to the exhibition. Words were kept to a minimum so as not to obstruct the aesthetics of the water which is the main focus of the exhibition.

3. Merchandise

Apart from the photo book, the photographs were also translated as a design for a shirt and tote bag. The items will be made available in theMarina Barrage gift shop. The postcards serves as a promotion of the items and will be placed at the information counter of Marina Barrage.


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March 27, 2015

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