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‘Enough’ Is Enough: Frugality As An Alternative Lifestyle Choice

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‘Enough’ Is Enough: Frugality As An Alternative Lifestyle Choice

Abstract or Summary of Project

Frugality is an attribute that is shaped by various factors such as one’s culture, society, living environment and religion. According to research, the practice of frugality is apparent amongst the Singapore pioneering generation. Due to the nation’s economic prosperity in recent years, frugality as a way of life has become irrelevant to the Singapore’s millennial youths. As a result, an increasingly materialistic culture contributes to a wasteful, over-consuming society. Drawing inspirations from the designer’s grandparents, “Enough” is enough investigates frugal practices and values of Singapore’s pioneer generations and how it could be adopted for the millennial in order to cultivate a more sustainable lifestyle. The project will present a frugal guide series with elaborated techniques in light-hearted illustration style, aiming to educate and inspire the next generation to adopt frugal living as an alternative lifestyle choice in a fun and engaging manner.

Link(s) to FYP Report in DR-NTU (Restricted to NTU Access)

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May 27, 2016