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Equilibrium (Wearable Illuminating Sculpture)

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Equilibrium (Wearable Illuminating Sculpture)

Abstract or Summary of Project

Equilibrium is a piece of wearable with a fun aspect to its serious character. It is created to present the concept of balance and synergy of the extremes.
A strong and rigid mathematical origami form is created with the use of soft, malleable and transparent characteristics of organza.
 With its unique origami patterns, a characteristic of rigidity, is blended with the contrast, the flexibility of the cloth to adapt and go against the flow.
With the tinge of soft light, this fabric sculpture expresses its organic body in many forms from subtle to elaboration.
This illuminating wearable sculpture is a designed panel of plated origami fabric that allows user to wear on a body form as a fashion wearable piece and also to be used as a lamp sculpture that can be hung or attached on wall.
Besides having the default patterns and form that is created, these panels welcome users to create a free form sculpture by playing with its flexibility.

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May 22, 2015