Abstract or Summary of Project

Garuda/Naga is a metaphorical abstract piece, exploring the relationship between mythical creature Garuda (Sun Bird) and Naga (Sea Serpent) through the symbol of oil and water respectively.

Process and More Details

Water is an associative symbol of Naga, whereas oil represents the heat and fire of Garuda.
Both of these elements represent two strong opposing force and being unable to mix with each other, water and oil mimics the endless struggle between Garuda and Naga.

Set against Charles Stein’s poem about Naga’s animosity towards Garuda, the visual of water and oil in the video portrays the serpent’s behavior to get away from hostile environment that is heavily associated with Garuda.

Medium: Oil, Water, Food Coloring, Effervescent Tablet
Music: Gamelan Nyai Saraswati – Bubaran Udan Mas & Peliatan Gamelan – Kapi Radja Ape King

Mock poster for the the video screening:

URL(s) of Video or Trailer


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November 12, 2014

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