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Abstract or Summary of Project

Hardknocks is a soundscape installation that generates sound from data collected from construction sites. These data includes; the number of death per year to injuries occurred on a construction sites. Visualising data into sound, the poignant truth of these statistics are being presented in a tangible way. Translating mere numbers into a space where conversations and dialogues can be discuss will shed more light on the subject.

This installation explore the issues on construction and acknowledging the process rather than the finished building. Each thumping sound of the metal solenoid(which symbolises dangerous objects) hitting the hard hat represents one death or accident that occur on a construction project last year in Singapore. The rhythmic thumping becomes almost difficult to listen to knowing one is listening to the sound of death. White hard hats was used in this project to represent the managers and supervisors, the ones who are responsible for any accidents that occur under their watch.

A site specific installation, the white hard hat is juxtaposed with the concrete wall, which is the foundation of any construction project. Furthermore, the hats are in a ‘hanging’ position to symbolises the hanging racks, a place where hard hats retire and probably picked up by another worker.

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June 22, 2016