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Abstract or Summary of Project

“Hidden”, a short comedic thriller follows an average tough lady, Renee, who happens to have a clumsy side. As nature calls, she stumbles into a public restroom to relieve herself. However, she lands herself in trouble after she drops her phone into the commode. While trying to retrieve it, she faces an unexpected change of event.

Process and More Details

‘Hidden’ is a platform for the creators to explore the usage of crowd simulation (bug swarm simulation) in a live-action environment to create a holistic, photorealistic short film. The project aims to create fear and disgust among the audience so that it will be in their minds for as long as they relate to the word “toilet”. For the creators, another goal was to put what has been learnt previously over the years in school and going through the visual effects pipeline thoroughly. Tracking, compositing as well as the 3D Production itself are some of the areas that had to be tested out before the actual production filming. For the crowd simulation program, Golaem & Miarmy had been inquired, tested, explored and used for its compatibility with Maya, which is used for 3D Production processes in this project. ‘Hidden’ was entirely shot indoors, with a Blackmagic Ursa Mini.

Link(s) to FYP Report in DR-NTU (Restricted to NTU Access)