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Ontogenesis; Public Housing

Abstract or Summary of Project

Ontogenesis; Public Housing is an antithesis that adopts an unequivocal opposite approach towards the present day design and construction process of the public housing in Singapore from built to finish. This project tackles a very pertinent problem by attempting to implement a next-gen technology that could perhaps materialize in the near future. Much like the principle of the aforementioned Biology process, the author believes that the state of our public housing today has yet to reach the level of complexity it can truly be.

The final outcome of this project is a re-design of the 1970s Classic Point Block Design by HDB. Supported by the two-pronged methodologies incorporated in this project namely, Generative (GD) and Participatory Design (PD), the project aims to redefine the architectural qualities of our public housing separating them from the repetitive and anonymous structures we are accustomed to, as well as debunking the idea of the archetypal housing types that Singaporeans are resigned to buying, hence re-imagining the possibilities of our living spaces of the future.

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