Peribahasa as a Platform of Unity

Abstract or Summary of Project

Peribahasa as a Platform of Unity’, is a visual communications project that aims to revive the use of peribahasa (Malay proverbs) to promote the Malay language. Peribahasa is the cumulative wisdom of the Malay culture. They transmit ideas, values and customs which are universal. Sadly not many Malays use them because their form is nowadays fading. The project aims to encourage understanding and appeal to the audience to use peribahasa in their daily life, through a series of informative collaterals.

The project, ‘Peribahasa as a Platform of Unity’, will attempt to understand the definition and formation of peribahasa, its symbolist meanings in the Malay culture and discourse, its phonetic symbolism, the logic and reasoning behind it, literature value, etc. And, from there, see how these ideas can be translated into the final outcome that is highly visual and informative, plus also educating the audience about it.

Upon the unity of the thoughts behind the formation of peribahasa, the context and the language use in peribahasa, it allows for a better understanding and internalization of the Malay culture and its values. There are values within the peribahasa that cater for one, whereas there are those that relates to the values between one and the community and also between one and the society. Hence, peribahasa, in the context of this project, is seen as a platform where one, together with the community and the society can be united through the thoughts, the context and the language of peribahasa.

Link(s) to FYP Report in DR-NTU (Restricted to NTU Access)

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April 30, 2015

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