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QUADOM is a self-balancing two-wheel, tilt-in-space elevator wheelchair which provides four degrees of freedom – forward/backward, rotation, up/down and tilt.

A powered wheelchair that addresses the needs of wheelchair users not being met by current products in the market, QUADOM incorporates the latest technology in mobility, connectivity and ergonomics to offer a perfect blend of design, functionality and comfort.

Drawing upon my personal experiences as a wheelchair user, QUADOM is designed to enable the physically handicapped to have greater independence in going about their daily activities, reducing the stigma of disability and enhancing their quality of life. Specifically, it targets wheelchair users with greater severity of disability such as those with muscular dystrophy or quadriplegia.


The sleek minimalistic design, with two self-balancing wheels, makes for easy manoeuvring in tight spaces and to avoid the risk of castor wheels getting stuck in rough terrain. The battery pack, gyroscope and motor are encased neatly in the wheel. The castor wheels are retractable for safety.

The handlebar is an adapted functional design of a carabiner to hang any personal belongings. The clear flip-up lap tray lifts up and out of the way when not in use.

The backrest utilises the best of office chair technology and ergonomics with the use of netting which maintains good posture and is comfortable for extended use.


With a simple touch of a button, the actuators allow for height adjustments. The “Up” position provides elevation to allow for higher reach and also to converse with others at eye level, while the “Down” position allows the user to adjust lower, mainly to go under tables. The chair also allows 45 degree tilt in space for resting.


The controller used to steer the wheelchair is not the standard joystick but instead, similar to using a computer mouse. It connects to a smartphone which can be controlled by the controller and the height adjustment and tilt function are controlled by a phone application. It offers choice of control options at the user’s fingertips.

With QUADOM, you will be in control of your independence.

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March 11, 2017

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