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Abstract or Summary of Project

SOULO is an online platform and campaign that aims to promote efficient stress management habits among single parents.


Due to priorities or lack of time or finances, a large portion of  single parents are often unable to take well-deserved quality breaks, resulting in stressed mental states and even family life. SOULO adapts a two-pronged approach to help single parents to take notice and be more involved in taking care of their well-being.


The campaign in the form of an exhibition, showcases three DIY metaphorical objects to show the plight of three single mothers and their struggle to find time to destress. Each object is a dichotomy of chore and leisure to express the extent of their difficulty to relax. These seeming ‘coping mechanisms’ may seem functional at first, but are actually more problematic when actually put into utility. It thus serves to prove the need for more long-term solutions of self care and stress management for single parents.


The website, offers real solutions for single parents to adapt into their busy lives. It features a community platform for single parents to connect and share tips, as well as place to ask for help on any issues that they may face as a single parent.

Link(s) to FYP Report in DR-NTU (Restricted to NTU Access)

Posted on

May 6, 2019