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Super Natural

Abstract or Summary of Project

Superstitions are but blindly accepted beliefs or notions, yet we frequently attach supernatural powers to nature, whether it be animals, birds or plants.

Creatures cloaked in symbolisms flow across space, as furred critters leap upwards the feathered fowls descending from above, bringing another dimension to “east meets west”. The raccoon, cat and fox are commonly portrayed as shape shifters in Asian culture while the eagle, owl and crow bring with them associations such as bravery, wisdom or death in western culture. Their floral counterparts lend depth to this concept as spider lilies and day lilies both have connotations to the souls of the departed in their respective cultures. While each entity holds its own, contradictions sometimes occur within superstitions due to the differing contexts and so, lines blur and blend into each other, fading away to smoke and obscurity.


Posted on

August 27, 2014