Tatami Stool

Abstract or Summary of Project

Inspiration — Why is a portable seat needed? And what is a low-raised seat for? These are the questions for consideration when wondering about the project. Life started on the floor, and for the Japanese, sitting down on tatami is a culture and the inspiration behind designing this portable low-raised seat.

Aesthetics — The main design element used in the product is following the ratio of 1:2. The mortise and tenon joints in the product are used in effect with consistency the whole structural appearance. The use of pinewood is to reflect the softness in colour of tatami straw textures.

Utility — The use of this product is to reflect the similarity to a tatami seating, and that is, being as close to the ground as possible. The seat also functions to being able to pile or stack on top of one another. It encourages cross-legged sitting and when stacked could give rise to a higher seat.

Originality — The uniqueness of the product stems from the idea that it is not only made as a singular piece but also used collectively. It could be arranged next to each other to form a larger sitting platform or it could be stacked to form steps or simple shelving.



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April 25, 2018

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