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Abstract or Summary of Project

“Welcome to Build-A-Bae! A place where you can impose your preferences on someone at last, with no repercussions! Build the ideal girl in your life with us, we offer a full range from daughters to wives. Guaranteed 100% satisfaction, otherwise you can have your money back.”

Build-A-Bae is an installation with a pop-up store concept that is a satirical attempt to poke fun at the stereotypes our society has for females. As one goes on to build his/her “Bae”, they will discover the problems and paradoxes brought about by these female stereotypes, and finally coming to question the logic and relevance behind those imposing these female stereotypes onto the women in our society.


Singapore is a melting pot of culture and influences. Being in a cosmopolitan city that derives its influence from around the world, Singaporean females in comparison to its neighbouring counterparts have been known to enjoy a relative amount of freedom with regards to their education, career choices, behaviour and appearance. However, hidden behind this modernised cityscape is the fact that we are still an Asian society, and that females are still expected to fulfil traditional expectations placed onto them. Contextualizing the project within Third Wave Feminism theories of advocating for individualism and diversity for females, this project aims to address the problems and paradoxes that arises from existing female stereotypes in our society, and also to question the logic and relevance behind these female stereotypes.

Link(s) to FYP Report in DR-NTU (Restricted to NTU Access)

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March 23, 2018