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The Hue Space

Abstract or Summary of Project

The Hue Space is an interactive audiovisual installation that explores light in relation to human emotions. Presented in a full-dome projection space, this enclosed and immersive room invites visitors to experience unfamiliar and singular visual conditions. Through multiple combinations of sound and subtle gradual transition of colours, the work engenders unique and constantly evolving lighting tableaux. Inspired by the psychological influence of colours on human perception, visitors may find themselves constructing emotional responses and narratives during their experience.

This highly minimal installation was conceived as a direct response to over-the-top immersive dome-based video projection seen in most planetariums and domes projects. With the introduction of LED strips, the colour from the projection blends with the colour from the LED strips, forming a unique gradient of colours every second. These unexpected combination of colours also mimic nature’s sunset/sunrise and also the aurora borealis. With a carefully crafted audio in sync with each colours, visitors are brought along to a journey of ancient wisdom and modern abstract.

The Hue Space is best experienced from start to finish as the work is  progressive and aims to be a durational art installation. The work also serve as a metaphor of entering into one own’s brain as a place of contemplation and reflection as the dome has a similar shape to the human brain.

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March 15, 2017