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The “Human” Condition

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The “Human” Condition

Abstract or Summary of Project

Humans have often associated animals and insects to various human conditions. By drawing the connection, these animals and insects are given a certain human quality, almost like that of a an actual human being. Crows are known to be omens of death, They also symbolise filial piety as crows feed their old and weakened parents. Their hoarse cries are believed to be the mourn for the departed. Likewise, moths and butterflies are seen as personification of a person’s soul – whether living, dying, or already dead. The life span of moths and butterflies are metaphorically linked to the fragility of human life.

Inspired by the association of these animals and insects with the human being, my work seeks to illustrate the poetic beauty of this relationship. The female gender is bestowed upon these creatures to portray both the emotional and physical connection. It aims to capture the mysterious bond between these creatures with mankind, and questions whether they are more ‘human’ than human themselves.

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August 28, 2014