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Abstract or Summary of Project

“True self is without form.”
– Tekhartha Zenyatta

The world is a busy place. We are the generation that simultaneously has infinite ways to efficiently spend our time and efficiently waste it. We spend so much time meticulously consuming media that we neglect to take a moment to just exist.

Transcendence urges the viewer to open their mind and be one with the universe. Let us gaze into the Iris and embrace tranquility.

Process and More Details

Transcendence was created through a combination of traditional and digital mediums. The frivolity of bubbles was captured on paper using a mixture of acrylic paint, soap and water. Mandalas were digitally generated by replicating, mirroring and repeating the prints. The spaces intersect, merge and diminish as the layers rotate in opposing directions. The interplay of void and volume gives life to a chaotic vortex. Haunting music permeates the atmosphere, almost jarring against the hypnotic backdrop. But there is harmony to be found among the discord if we only take the time to be still, breathe and experience tranquility.

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November 14, 2016