Water Age

Abstract or Summary of Project

About Water Age

Water Age is essentially derived and built as a discovery of our changing perspective and attitude towards something like water.  The natural focus of this Water Age came to reveal itself as looking at how these changing attitude become physically expressed in the real world throughout time. These expression manifest themselves in many forms, two of which that are being explored are language typography, and the environment that we build today.

Process and More Details


1) Book

At 148 x 210 mm (about A5), this book contains 10 page of daily life photographs, that juxtapose themselves against different typographic forms of the past and now. The book is of a more upbeat and theatrical tone, that suggests humor alongisde underlying sarcasm . It is focused on one subject, that is water, while contrasting the drastically different forms that it takes, questioning the true meaning of water to us. The idea of a book derives itself from that of a diary, one that scrutinizes how we deal with water in our daily lives, while looking back at past language another kind of relationship with it.

Book Spreads for Water Age

Click link above to see full spreads

2) Short film montage

This is a 1 minute long video that attempts to enhance the humorous tone that i’ve chosen as my direction in addressing the subject of my exploration. The footages is consistent in showing familiar, intimate, yet cold images of today’s environment. The main driver of this montage is based on rhythm of the edits to suggest contrast and similarity in the different forms of water that we have today. The video is overlaid with moving typographic forms of the past that show up as graphic elements that almost threaten to occupy the same space that we exist.

3) Poster

The A3 size poster extends itself from the spirit and stylistic approach of the book. It follows the use of historical typography as graphic elements that seem to lurk into the space of our modern environment. However, I sought to encompass the immense spirit that drove the idea of Water Age using a simple image. With that in mind, I went back to the visual juxtaposition that inspired me at the very beginning – an image of water in its molecular structure, and an ancient egyptian hieroglyphic writing of ‘water’. I fused these 2 into one graphic element that became a texture that overlays an image of a tap, which to me is the undisputed image of water that reveals most about how we treat and feel about water today. The main function of the poster, as opposed to being one that promotes something, is to compliment the other 2 deliverables in a cohesive system of ideas and message through consistent treatment of imageries.

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March 26, 2015

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