Water in Transition

Abstract or Summary of Project

Water in transition is an installation about the transition of water from past to present and moving towards the future.

Process and More Details


In this installation, ice cubes are stored in a glass funnel, where it will melt and drip down to the glass cup placed below.

The ice cubes here is used to portray the past where people are dependent on their surrounding conditions for water, just like how the rate at which the ice here melts and transforms into water is dependent on its surrounding conditions.

As the water passes through the funnel into the glass, it signifies the transition between the past to the present, which is the glass cup. The glass cup over here is used to portray how water nowadays is readily available at the turn of a tap, where we fill our cups now without as much as a second thought.

And slowly as the water fills and overflows out of the glass, it is wasted as it evaporates into the air. This part of the installation is used to portray how we end up wasting water due to it is now highly accessible and readily available.


For this installation’s poster, different shades of blue was used to show the transitions of water, together with the typography that forms the shape of the funnel, which signifies the transition of water and time in my installation.


For the invitations, cups were used to portray the idea of time in this installation from the present to the future.

After receiving the invitations, the audiences will be able to bring these cups along to the installation, where they can then collect some of the water that drips from the funnel. In doing so, they take part in transiting the water from the present to the future because the water that is taken will not be wasted unlike the rest. Thus, this signifies the transition of water from the present where it is greatly wasted, to the future, where we take part in making full use of it.

These cone shaped plastic cups are also used to signify the returning of the water from the funnel that holds the ice signifying the past, to our cups, that signifies the future, where it will not be wasted.

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March 26, 2015

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