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CARL is a 2D point and click side scroller made in Unity featuring rich graphics, quirky, diverse characters and a branching storyline based on the choices you make.

Take on the role of Carl, a white collar worker trying to live his best life. Choose your own path and make difficult choices. Will you obey the oppressive system and rise through the ranks? Or will you act against it for the good of the people?

Heart Story

The film Heart Story is a 2D animated film produced as a final year project under Nanyang Technological University (NTU), School of Art, Design and Media (ADM).

This film tells a series of stories, discuss some problems and conflicts that might occur in real-life situations, describe different characters’ true feeling about it by using heart character as the media to express themselves.

The main character “heart” shows up in three stories. Three stories happening in office buildings, restaurant and cinema. The behaviors of the heart hint the thoughts and conflicts of human characters.

Specialisation: Digital Animation

Keywords: 2D Digital Animation


A pair of friends embark on an exciting journey through the city, where they discover new fads and trends that would encourage others to join them. Along the way, one’s emotions and ambitions changes the course of the bandwagon’s fate.

The film is a commentary on the positive and negative impacts of the ‘bandwagon’ culture as present in social media.

A Family’s Treasure

“A Family’s Treasure” is a 2D short animation that talks about how a greedy and materialistic daughter named Maia always depend on her father, Mr Lee to buy what she wants. However, because of her ignorance, Maia was not aware of the struggles Mr Lee had to face to earn the family’s treasure fund. It was not only until she saw him broke down in front of the empty jar that used to consist of the family’s treasure fund.


This heart-warming and family concept animation aims to teach people to become more aware that there is more towards happiness in life, and that is not just wealth. It is about spending quality time with your loved ones and understanding them even more that would make us even happier in life.