Dasein is an animated film of a boy who has to overcome his inner struggle in time to save the worm that stole his food.


‘Voices’ is a 2D animated project which explores the toxic relationship between two friends in a world where voices are seen, instead of being heard.

Finding its inspiration in surrealism and 90’s animated cartoons, this short film is filled with dark humor and interesting visuals. Keep an eye out and see how the relationship between these friends progress.


Kintsugi is a 3D animated short made in Houdini/Maya, about a porcelain tea cup that is unable to live up to its intended role, cracking and shattering in the process – and following its journey as it pieces itself back together, learns to embrace its flaws, and find new purpose.


Shikari is a graphic novel about a group of hunters who arrive on an unexplored game reserve planet, with exclusive rights to hunt in exchange for escorting a guide sent by the safari.

It all seems like an ordinary hunting trip, until a dark secret is uncovered. As it turns out, their guide has been leading other unsuspecting groups deep into the jungle, to be quarry for aliens who too, enjoy the thrill of stalking dangerous game: armed humans.

The tables turn and the hunters become the hunted as they struggle to survive their unexpected predicament.


Exploring the paradox of human nature and how their desire to preserve the beauty in the world ultimately leads to its demise, this project hopes to invoke deep thinking about what our passions lead us to.

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