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A naïve primary school boy attempts to mend his parent’s marriage by planning an elaborate sparkler show, in hopes of rekindling the sparks before it is too late.

Gold Paper, 金纸

Estranged sisters meet for the first time in a long while in their deceased father’s funeral. Missing a joss paper car, Li Ping volunteers to find one.


A schoolboy reconnects with his close friend after her break-up, and his feelings for her rekindle. When rumours of the girl’s compromising photos start spreading around the school, the boy confronts the ex-boyfriend in an attempt to defend her honour — a decision which soon proves disastrous.


In the years following their sister’s suicide, two siblings struggle to rediscover the music in their lives.

After two years studying abroad, Marie returns home for the holidays, but dreads the days leading up to Christmas—the anniversary of her sister’s death. Marie’s unwillingness in joining the family’s annual gathering deepens tension between her parents, while Isaac, her brother, tries to be her voice of reason.


Tired of his turbulent family life, Adam seeks out an alternative arrangement in hopes of finding his place.