Nectar and Noises

A man with butterflies in his stomach must decide to take on a life-altering surgery when he falls in love with a co-worker.


A single mother who has devoted her life to her only son, deals with the decision of him entering Monkhood for good.

Acid, 连呕

At a barbeque street hawker joint, a young adult couple finds themselves in a scenario all too familiar for them. Minn, a twenty-something, struggles to hide her body dysmorphia, a secret her boyfriend already knows.


Two separate events establish a thematic parallel in the moments between a teenager, a young boy and the loss of their mother.

Better, Together

BETTER, TOGETHER is a short film featuring your everyday Singaporean family, amidst a not so everyday event – the General Elections. Rachel Tan is a young lady with the bold ambition of being elected into Parliament. Her family, unfortunately, seem indifferent to her aspirations. With the media hot on her heels and the weight of family responsibilities on her shoulders, will the votes still swing in her favour? Told with a satirical and comedic touch, this drama moves audiences to realise that sometimes imperfect families still pull through to provide the perfect support.

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