Beholding the Tao

The Tao (道) is the Way in which the universe goes on, the Way in which things everlastingly emerge, into space and time. All of Beauty, Nature and the known universe conforms to it; it is the Truth, Law and doctrine of the Absolute. It is also the Way which every man should walk in imitation of that super-cosmic progression, conforming all activities to that great exemplar. This project is a contemplation on how the wise man does not strive against the Tao- that the proud man in his pomp will ultimately lose. He should therefore tread with a sober view of himself, to yield to the Tao, and seek to live in the Tao- for a fruitful and joyful life.

Excess Baggage

Parents very often want the best for their children. However, these good intentions may not necessarily translate well into how they raise their children. What these parents deem to be well-intentioned may actually be harmful to the development of the child, be it in terms of their mental health or interactions. In more extreme cases, this behaviour may be termed as toxic parenting. In such a case, the implications on the child may even last well into adulthood. This project, titled ‘Excess Baggage’, intends to investigate why and how toxic parenting behaviours are executed, and to analyse the impact it has on children and society at large.

Having experienced toxic parenting, this project also seeks to document the author’s personal journey of confrontation, self-reflection, revision, and recovery through significant milestones and events in her life. In so doing, the author hopes to bring the viewer along in her journey as she comes to terms with the impact of toxic parenting in her life, and as she begins to heal from her experiences.

The Benefactor

The benefactor takes place in the fictional realm of Tapiote, far away from planet Earth, but set during a time period no different than that of medieval Europe.The benefactor is a first person exploration/ puzzle game with emphasis on environmental storytelling. The primary inspiration for this game is based on the 1967 novel “Hard to be a god” by the Strugatsky brothers and the realm of Tapiote inspired by the fictional the Kingdom of Arkarnar.





This project explores alternative narratives that allows the user to travel through a digital environment in real-time. The environment was mainly built in Unreal Engine 4; the modelling was done in Maya 2018. Substance Painter, Audacity and other software were also used to support our textures, audios and other components.


“Wayfinding” is an interactive social mapping project that provides opportunities for participants to experience the city through analog information. With the meteoric rise of social media, the novel experience gained from exploring a new location is deteriorating due to the ease of obtaining information. Hence, the project questions the convenience of technology and its effects on people about their perception of the city. Through a series of hands-on activities that participants partake, they will receive and create analog information based on their own interpretation of the area. With each participant having their own inputs and experiences, the project aims to reexamine how a city is define based on the perspectives gathered from different people.

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