SOCIAL MASKING: The act of comfortable personalities

Social Masking is defined as conforming personalities and behaviour to suit a given person, time, place and interaction. It is a common construct found within social interaction. In a best-case scenario, social masking enables individuals to function easily within various contexts in our social world. On the contrary in a worst-case scenario, social masking serves as barriers to true acceptance, hospitality, understanding and authentic communication. As society becomes more and more progressive, the advancement of plurality has both given way to higher diversity but not necessarily higher tolerance or acceptance within those pluralities. The act of social masking has hence become more complex and harder to navigate. With a growing culture of distrust amongst people, how guarded should one be when meeting strangers for the first time? What levels of vulnerability should one adopt in any given relationship? And at what point can one be completely oneself without the fear of judgment or intolerance and the need to conform to social norms? This complex yet important social phenomenon is something I wish to investigate within my project in order to facilitate critical thought and open communication on ways to create a more inclusive, compassionate and accepting society

In Process of Time

In Process of Time examines the complexities of growing up with domestic conflict and the eventual toll it takes on a child. The work seeks to understand how these experiences gradually build up in an individual and how it affects one’s personality.

Grilles By Rote

With nostalgia and a sense of loss, Grilles By Rote project serves as a memoir of the memories people hold of local steel window grilles produced in the 1900s. Through a tapestry sliding screen system, these grille aesthetics are assimilated into modern living space to habitually help people grow awareness and understanding of these almost forgotten grille designs, which form an integral, yet overlooked part of our shared Singaporean heritage.

Living Nostalgia, Today

Intended to repurpose the feelings of nostalgia into taking ownership and engaging the space that we already have, this project hopes to bring young Singaporeans into a deeper understanding and appreciation of the places and spaces that they have around them through a personal exploration of nostalgia in my life.

Mindful Sitting – BALANCE Stool

With the increasingly prevalent use of technology,
movement seems to be missing from our
increasingly sedentary lifestyle. The purpose of
this project is to let users work with the Balance
stool to achieve a better sitting posture as they try
to find the most stable position. Balancing on the
furniture will introduce ‘bearable discomfort’ to
the users, encouraging users to take a short
break after sitting for a period of time. In doing so,
the chances of experiencing pains and aches
caused by muscle strain due to prolonged sitting
will be reduced. By rotating the chair on its sides
will allow for two modes of sitting, the Occidental
chair sitting mode and the Oriental floor sitting

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