The benefactor is a first person exploration/ puzzle based game, set during the dark ages in another planet. You play as Ringo, an intrepid kid who finds a mansion in the middle of the woods, and realize that it is not what it seems on the outside. He eventually hears from the unnamed owner of the mansion, and learns about his purpose on this planet.

The Story Of A Particular Singaporean

The Story Of A Particular Singaporean is an interactive game project aiming to explore the meta-narrative of an average Singaporean named Patrick Chan, using Singapore as the backdrop of the story. It is a hybrid of a rhythm game and visual novel, using the mechanics of a rhythm game and the storytelling method of a visual novel.


‘Reduction’ is an interactive narrative of the self circumscribed by the notion of social connections. Employing Irwin Altman’s onion analogy with the use of Russian nesting dolls, the artwork aims to peel the many layers of the self to reveal its core through the artist’s personal experiences. The interaction includes opening and closing the dolls to create combinations that activate different stories.

Mémoire: The sound of home

Mémoire uses both furniture and recorded conversations with my family in the medium of mixed media installation to explore the space of a living room. The installation is meant to reflect the interactions I have with my family in this intimate space, to relive past experiences associated with this space, and to help people ponder deeper over the meaning of a space that is at once comfortable and vulnerable.

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is an interactive spatial experience that aims to simulate the presence and unique personalities of rescue animals in Singapore, namely cats and dogs. When getting a pet, many people get caught up in the novelty of owning the trendiest breeds of dogs or pedigree cats, and often overlook the rewarding experience of adopting an animal in need. This project offers a comfortable space where visitors can explore a variety of interactive props and discover stories and opinions of rescue pet owners and caretakers, and perhaps open up to the idea of adopting one.

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