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Grown Up

Grown Up is a light-hearted, informative mobile game application that puts you into the perspective of a final year undergraduate student, who is mostly clueless about what’s to come in the near future.

As the name of the game suggests, it introduces the player to real-life situations such as job hunting, managing relationships, work-life balance – to name a few, and guides the player into making decisions with different consequences, hence, guiding the player on adulting. Adulting is an informal term that describes one’s behaviour as responsible and grown-up.

This game application is situated in the context of an average Singaporean lifestyle and introduces a sense of humour to make it more engaging and relatable.


page65 is the study and pilot of how we can bring art communities in Singapore together in the hopes to establish a truly Singaporean art identity. Art in Singapore has diversity but lacks an ecosystem that allows for a learning journey – self-exploration and mentorship and guidance. By identifying what the needs are of visual artists, we can then pilot and build platforms for like-minded individuals to grow and expand their expertise. In my study, I have identified 3 main features of a platform that would help – 1. A seamless and uniformed portfolio methodology for the already busy artist to update their projects 2. Collaboration with art spaces and co-working spaces for guerilla-styled exhibitions/critique for artists to showcase their work-in-progress and/or final works 3. A news feed of art events and inspirations to follow up on.

The next step continues after FYP as I plan to make this a reality.


“Wayfinding” is an interactive social mapping project that provides opportunities for participants to experience the city through analog information. With the meteoric rise of social media, the novel experience gained from exploring a new location is deteriorating due to the ease of obtaining information. Hence, the project questions the convenience of technology and its effects on people about their perception of the city. Through a series of hands-on activities that participants partake, they will receive and create analog information based on their own interpretation of the area. With each participant having their own inputs and experiences, the project aims to reexamine how a city is define based on the perspectives gathered from different people.

Lotte Reiniger Re-Imagined

As homage to the works and innovations of German animator Lotte Reiniger, I present my FYP Lotte Reiniger Re-imagined (2019), an interactive installation space. Reiniger pioneered an avant-garde style of silhouette Trickfilm (animated film) using scissor paper-cuts and early stop-motion techniques. As an aesthetic response to her work and legacy, I am using Plato’s Cave as a point of departure to speak of the projection of shadows, by turning this idea in on itself, to escape the real world and embrace fantasy. The installation comprise two parts, Hier kommt die U-Bahn, a series of ball-point pen drawings of ‘real world’ 1920s Berlin in an exterior white-cube space; as well as Ein Abenteuer im Wunderwald, an interactive silhouette animation interface inside a black-box space. Wherein both spaces invite the viewer to move in and around them, traversing a realm of light and shadow, which reflects the magic of Reiniger’s work that inspired me to embark on this two year journey.

The Benefactor

The benefactor takes place in the fictional realm of Tapiote, far away from planet Earth, but set during a time period no different than that of medieval Europe.The benefactor is a first person exploration/ puzzle game with emphasis on environmental storytelling. The primary inspiration for this game is based on the 1967 novel “Hard to be a god” by the Strugatsky brothers and the realm of Tapiote inspired by the fictional the Kingdom of Arkarnar.