Odd One Out

Odd One Out is an interactive diorama which explores the stereotype culture experienced by former Madrasah students in Singapore. Using the values they have learnt from the Madrasah, they managed to break the boundaries and go beyond expectations. The installation encourages audience to spot the odd person out and learn how the students strive for excellence and give back to the community to break from the stereotype.

DDMMYYYY: “Expiry Dates”?

An “expiry date” marks a gradual shift in the inherent nature of things, both living and non-living. Change is the only constant variable. DDMMYYYY is an interactive installation that aims to challenge the viewers’ definition of “expiry dates” through a series of objects from Pulau Ubin. What changes do the community in Pulau Ubin face with the rapid urbanisation of Singapore? How are they affected? Does an “expiry date” mark a termination point or create an absolute condition to something or someone?

Omni Utility Robotic System (O.U.R.S)

Omni Utility Robotic System (O.U.R.S) is a fully mobile and interactive robot installation that is handcrafted with care and will locomote in the vicinity of the FYP exhibition. The robot’s objective is to encourage the public to look for and pilot it to the location of a randomly selected student’s booth, which was inspired from walking a dog. It also aims to increase the exposure of the students during the exhibition. This project is a manifestation of the synthesis between science and art as numerous sophisticated sensors, electronics and microcontrollers were utilized in its making, hence bringing the digital representations of a fictional world into our reality.


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LIIT (Low-Intensity Interactive Training) reframes everyday activities that maintain mobility, especially in the elderly community. Stereotypes have arisen as a result of increasingly ageist views in Singapore’s society. At times, the movements that the elderly perform in their day to day lives shows a loss of mobility. Rather, what if their current movements are viewed as a celebration of their strength? After all, their movements accommodate changes in their bodies. While there is a definite need to encourage the elderly to maintain their mobility, it is a worthwhile endeavour to approach mobility from a more positive perspective. The movement of the elderly is a move to adapt in the face of difficulty. LIIT explores these interactions in a community setting.

Arcade of Focus

Life unfold every second, yet often that we let them slip away easily. Living our lives worrying about future or ruminate the past or get distractible and interruptible at any moment by smartphones. Also, seldom focus on what is happening now, living through the actual moment.

The Arcade of Focus explore ways for the audience to concentrate on the given task in order to be complete. The project aims to create an interactive experience where the audience can participate and play with tangible devices. Bringing them away from screens and smartphones, prompting them that focusing is the key to succeed.


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