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Presence of Absence

Presence of Absence is a collection of images and videos that seeks to explore the fragmentary nature of memory. This project begins with the attempt to reconcile the feeling of not being at home, even though I am physically in one. Through reaccessing past memories and photographing objects that look familiar, I hope to confront the fear of time and loss as I preserve my imaginative record of childhood. By combining three different components – photographic prints, photomontage videos and switchable smart film in my final presentation, it communicates the impulse to rescue the past from erasure, at the same time it also reflects nostalgia as a deception of memory.


Mould delves into the artist’s personal experience with toxic shame, it attempts to confront the root cause, unpack the layered coping mechanisms and symptoms, in the hope to navigate a healing process.

Past & Present Lives of ______________

Past & Present Lives of _______ sees Norah Lea, self-portrait artist, recreating visions of her own past lives. These visions are imagined through re-locating women of the Nusantara/Malay archipelago that may have been forgotten but still resonant within recesses of collective memory.

Mediating the past through both video and performances via her transgender body, she positions herself within history that is “tersirat”, or hidden in plain sight.