I’m More Of A Dog Person and Other Tales of Horror is a graphic novel that tells 3 short narratives set in a common Singaporean urban space, a single floor of an HDB block. The starting point for these acts of story-telling is observing strangers around Singapore and wondering about their secret lives. What do these people desire, and how do they negotiate those desires with the behaviour demanded of them by society? These thoughts are translated into graphic tales which have grotesque or fantastical elements.

Although there is a long history of supernatural fables and myths and stories in local culture, contemporary narratives in Singapore (literature, TV and film) tends towards naturalism and realism. Countering this, Block X is fascinated with the supernatural and the grotesque as a way of defamiliarising the mundane and everyday in Singapore. In exploring what goes on behind multiple doors,I’m More Of A Dog Person and Other Tales of Horror also follows a mode of telling a multiplicity of stories about urban spaces.

The Actualising Self

“He who stops being better, stops being good.” – Oliver Cromwell We change and grow with time and experiences. Our self-identity is fluid; there will always be room for more self-insight. Self-awareness and self-regulation should coexist to usher in growth. To form the simple habit of living an examined life, to make conscious efforts to grow and change positively, to regulate and better ourselves. This project is a personal documentation of learning to lead a more examined life. It hopes to inspire viewers to do the same for their own lives.

SOCIAL MASKING: The act of comfortable personalities

Social Masking is defined as conforming personalities and behaviour to suit a given person, time, place and interaction. It is a common construct found within social interaction. In a best-case scenario, social masking enables individuals to function easily within various contexts in our social world. On the contrary in a worst-case scenario, social masking serves as barriers to true acceptance, hospitality, understanding and authentic communication. As society becomes more and more progressive, the advancement of plurality has both given way to higher diversity but not necessarily higher tolerance or acceptance within those pluralities. The act of social masking has hence become more complex and harder to navigate. With a growing culture of distrust amongst people, how guarded should one be when meeting strangers for the first time? What levels of vulnerability should one adopt in any given relationship? And at what point can one be completely oneself without the fear of judgment or intolerance and the need to conform to social norms? This complex yet important social phenomenon is something I wish to investigate within my project in order to facilitate critical thought and open communication on ways to create a more inclusive, compassionate and accepting society

Living Nostalgia, Today

Intended to repurpose the feelings of nostalgia into taking ownership and engaging the space that we already have, this project hopes to bring young Singaporeans into a deeper understanding and appreciation of the places and spaces that they have around them through a personal exploration of nostalgia in my life.

In Process of Time

In Process of Time examines the complexities of growing up with domestic conflict and the eventual toll it takes on a child. The work seeks to understand how these experiences gradually build up in an individual and how it affects one’s personality.

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