In Search of Memory

In Search of Memory explores how a visual approach on Life Review Therapy can be used to increase life satisfaction for young adults. Through reconstructing life stories and re-evaluating the fond memories, it serves to provide a therapeutic reflection on thoughts, patterns, and behaviors.

The Mayfly Project – an investigative initiative on ephemera

As designers, we conceptualise ideas, and design various items, memorabilia and collateral to fit projects that are often specific and time-sensitive. This inevitably creates a pool of ephemera that with their limited shelf life, turn into waste after their projects are over.
Hence, the Mayfly Project aims to highlight this issue and encourage designers to consider the lifespan of their design work – and what they can do to extend it.

Beholding the Tao

The Tao (道) is the Way in which the universe goes on, the Way in which things everlastingly emerge, into space and time. All of Beauty, Nature and the known universe conforms to it; it is the Truth, Law and doctrine of the Absolute. It is also the Way which every man should walk in imitation of that super-cosmic progression, conforming all activities to that great exemplar. This project is a contemplation on how the wise man does not strive against the Tao- that the proud man in his pomp will ultimately lose. He should therefore tread with a sober view of himself, to yield to the Tao, and seek to live in the Tao- for a fruitful and joyful life.

Excess Baggage

Parents very often want the best for their children. However, these good intentions may not necessarily translate well into how they raise their children. What these parents deem to be well-intentioned may actually be harmful to the development of the child, be it in terms of their mental health or interactions. In more extreme cases, this behaviour may be termed as toxic parenting. In such a case, the implications on the child may even last well into adulthood. This project, titled ‘Excess Baggage’, intends to investigate why and how toxic parenting behaviours are executed, and to analyse the impact it has on children and society at large.

Having experienced toxic parenting, this project also seeks to document the author’s personal journey of confrontation, self-reflection, revision, and recovery through significant milestones and events in her life. In so doing, the author hopes to bring the viewer along in her journey as she comes to terms with the impact of toxic parenting in her life, and as she begins to heal from her experiences.

Wonder Deck

Income inequality manifests itself in vastly different life experiences and opportunities. It results in educational inequality, where the amount of extra enrichment opportunities one has access to is dependent on the financial capability of one’s family.


Wonder Deck is a community and volunteer-based alternative to expensive school holiday programmes for children from lower-income families. For the past year, a group of primary school–going children have been exercising their creative muscles at weekly “Make n Play” sessions organised by Beyond Social Services. Gathering at the void deck, they draw, paint, cut, tape and create anything and everything from cardboard, duct tape, paper, string, and other recyclable materials.


Wonder Deck aims to expand the potential of their organic creativity with a framework for problem solving: the design thinking process. The empathy stage teaches them to design with understanding; and the prototyping and testing stages encourage them to think critically through the making process. For this introductory workshop, the children get a taste of the whole design thinking process through designing a gift for their friend. The prompts and games in the activity book were designed concurrently with the workshop to suit the children’s aptitude and interests. This introductory workshop is the first part in a series of workshops that will hopefully empower the children with the skills to share their ideas with people.

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