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A Study in Abjection

A Study in Abjection is a body of work with which I hope will help myself and others to delve into the deep dark world of horror and  open our minds to how primal our fears can be. Our minds are hardly our own, our fears and repulsions are decided for us from a young age.


Enigma is the designing of a set exhibition posing as a retail display store, with a series of ‘exquisite’ fashion objects to mock the system of fashion – imitation and differentiation.

  • The body of object is altered to inject new content, where it mimics the fashion system of imitation while differentiating itself. Hence, the stylistic yet non-functional objects reflect the superficiality of the fashion system, metaphorically.
  • The objects ‘priced’ as high-end fashion goods are subjective to audience’s taste.

Inspired by Memphis group for its wonderful way of speaking functionality, the retail display is conceptualised to imitate the over-produced and overdesigned execution.

A little fake and with style outweighing substance.