Eye Feel You

Colours have the ability to evoke certain emotions in all of us.

This is the same for those who are colour blind as well. Being colour blind does not necessarily mean that one cannot see colours at all, it just means that the colours they see are different from the ones most people see. And despite our differing visual perspectives, we experience colour in similar ways. Colour vision deficiency is a norm in my family and yet none of them see it as a disadvantage or consider it a disability. My father is the closest relative I have with this condition.

Eye Feel You tackles colour vision deficiency from his viewpoint. The interactive installation invites you to experience how a colour triggers emotions which are translated into a tactile form.

Rojak State

Rojak — 1. NOUN: A delicacy in Singapore. Mixed with various ingredients. Different parts united in a harmonious whole.

In a world filled with polarised views, Rojak State focuses on exploring the positive side of hybridity and being mixed in Singapore, a melting pot of multiculturalism. It focuses on the idea that everyone has a tint of mixed in their own unique way and aims to move beyond race or boundaries in order to find common ground with both mixed and non-mixed people. The beauty of mixedness is explored through the harmonious juxtaposition of visual elements, illustrating the stories and lives of mixed individuals. Boundaries of race, religion and nationalities are blurred to form a representation of our mixed world, in hope of embracing mixedness and duality rather than forced categorisation.

The Convertible Women

Intriguing by the struggles that me and my fellow ladies are facing as millennial women, “The Convertible Women” is a satires modern editorial addressing contemporary feminist issue. The challenge and stress that the new generation women have to deal with is enormous. We are living in an age of transition: the world is calling for a more gender equal environment, yet the traditional gender construction is failed to give way. With such a conflict in between the new and the old, the conflicting feminine ideology that put on women are making them hard to cope with. On one hand, more women now strike to be independent and well-put-together individuals as hoping to achieve the modern independent feminine ideal; yet on the other hand, the traditional domestic role that puts on women are still being taken for granted.

This project hopes to inspire more thoughts and get recognition on modern women’s struggles on still being expected to meet unrealistic expectations.

The Friendly Muse: A Design Student’s Wellbeing

Studying in a University is a crucial stage of many students’ lives. As they enter into tertiary learning and coping with adulthood, many will find themselves facing different stress on a daily basis. Cumulation of stress can lead to health issues and unhealthy symptoms that affects the wellbeing of students and learning experiences of students. NTU’s Student Wellbeing Centre (SWC) is thus set up for students to pick up resources or seek counselling to cope with everyday life issues. The SWC have however reported that students are not reaching out to them due to stigmatisation associated with mental health. ‘The Friendly Muse’ is thus proposed as  a concept branch service from SWC that focuses specifically on ADM students. Drawing from personal experience and that of fellow peers, the project investigates how to create a more relatable, approachable and contextualized experience for ADM students.


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