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A Family’s Treasure

“A Family’s Treasure” is a 2D short animation that talks about how a greedy and materialistic daughter named Maia always depend on her father, Mr Lee to buy what she wants. However, because of her ignorance, Maia was not aware of the struggles Mr Lee had to face to earn the family’s treasure fund. It was not only until she saw him broke down in front of the empty jar that used to consist of the family’s treasure fund.


This heart-warming and family concept animation aims to teach people to become more aware that there is more towards happiness in life, and that is not just wealth. It is about spending quality time with your loved ones and understanding them even more that would make us even happier in life.



Understanding the significance of universal words of expression and its place in Singaporean culture


Through a typographic mural installation, documentary film and editorial design, this project questions the meanings and applied impacts of three universally known but deceptively simple phrases: “Thank you”, “I’m sorry, please forgive me” and “I love you”. This project seeks to further understand the underlying value of how these phrases are expressed in family units, by engaging young adults in an open conversation. Ultimately, the project aims to inspire a higher quality of positive communication in the home, by propelling viewers to reconsider the meanings and profound impacts of speaking these words in day-to-day conversations with their kin.

When my youngest brother was born, my paternal grandmother from Taiwan flew exactly 3,231 kilometers from home to be with my family to look after him when my parents were at work. As age caught up with her, she had felt the need to move back to Taiwan where she truly felt at home. My grandmother had requested my brother to take her room, and her old dresser was then replaced with my brother’s study desk. Gradually, we grew distant with occasional calls; it was almost as if my grandmother had not lived with us at all.

With time, physical spaces we were once familiar with had quietly changed. My Garden of You is my journey of reflection dedicated to my grandmother, as I sought to find a way to express myself through a medium close to my heart.

Making Space (The Possibility of Family)

Making Space is an attempt to find lost relationships between my immediate family and myself. The series was made over a two-month stay with my mother and brother, with whom I have not lived with for almost ten years. While documenting my time in their home and allowing them to be part of my process, I was struck by a deep sense of intimacy. The act of making enough space for each other physically and emotionally stirred up forgotten longings for familial love, while making apparent the reality that there will always be underlying imperfections within a family.

Stories from Atuk

My grandfather and I are both huge fans of P.Ramlee films. When I was little, my family used to watch the films together with my grandfather in the living room of his apartment. Very often he would document and review the films creating a collection of books titled Buku Sinaran. Weaving in his family narratives into the film reviews, the result is a poetic family archive that I used as the foundation of this project. Stories from Atuk is a re-enactment of this experiential journey, re-archiving into a series of publications consisting of illustrations, collage and family recollections.