The Convertible Women

Intriguing by the struggles that me and my fellow ladies are facing as millennial women, “The Convertible Women” is a satires modern editorial addressing contemporary feminist issue. The challenge and stress that the new generation women have to deal with is enormous. We are living in an age of transition: the world is calling for a more gender equal environment, yet the traditional gender construction is failed to give way. With such a conflict in between the new and the old, the conflicting feminine ideology that put on women are making them hard to cope with. On one hand, more women now strike to be independent and well-put-together individuals as hoping to achieve the modern independent feminine ideal; yet on the other hand, the traditional domestic role that puts on women are still being taken for granted.

This project hopes to inspire more thoughts and get recognition on modern women’s struggles on still being expected to meet unrealistic expectations.

A Study in Abjection

A Study in Abjection is a body of work with which I hope will help myself and others to delve into the deep dark world of horror and  open our minds to how primal our fears can be. Our minds are hardly our own, our fears and repulsions are decided for us from a young age.

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