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In Singapore, the standard notion of family is recognised as the typical nuclear family with a Father, Mother, Child structure. However, the existence and unusual relationship dynamics amongst atypical families are not often known as less emphasis is given to these families in our social institutions. Belonging to an atypical family myself, my work seeks to study the relationship between my Father and I by charting its complex dynamics via a series of objects that offer a multiplicity of narratives, meanings and contradictions within a space structure that embodies the emotional and physical proximity between us.

The Things Between

The Things Between is a project meant to be seen as an archeology of artefacts, communication and time whilst making reference to personal anecdotes and experiences; exploring the themes of love, pain, loss and memory through the relationships shared with family and friends. By starting off from an introspective view and analysis of my own relationships, the intention of the project is to allow the anecdotes surrounding these artefacts to be unveiled, while allowing such emotions evoked to be resonated with others.

Right There

Right There is a series focusing on the nature of interactions between family members and objects found in the household, on how both fail to follow normal rules.

Objects, after all, are conceived, designed and constructed by humans. Most objects are simple, unsophisticated and functionally designed to perform their roles. Although objects are constructed for their primary function, there are times when changes are inevitable and are made to accommodate different environmental conditions. This project aims to understand familial relations through these objects’ changes and adaptations.