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Typeical Singapore

Typography plays a part in shaping a nation’s identity. Stories are told through typography around us that create a sense of place of where we live. The everyday street type displays many letterings that carry stories of significant change and occurrence at the place, to be preserved before they are lost or replaced by the uniformity of corporate brands. Thus, this project seeks to explore Singapore’s history and urban culture through the lens of typography, contributing towards the visual identity landscape of Singapore. 

Solace: Letters of Self-Compassion

Often we find it easier to console and support a friend in need but hardly ever do we say the same words of comfort to the ones who need it most–ourselves.

Solace is a project that encourages the practice of self-compassion, through kindness and self forgiveness. This experimental exercise asked individuals approaching or experiencing their quarter life crisis to explore self compassion through letters and introspective dialogue.

Living nostalgia, today

Intended to repurpose the feelings of nostalgia into taking ownership and engaging the space that we already have, this project hopes to bring young Singaporeans into a deeper understanding and appreciation of the places and spaces that they have around them through a personal exploration of nostalgia in my life.

Arranged Spaces

Traditional provision shops have been around Singapore for quite a long time. Recognised as a vanishing trade and essential to Singapore’s heartland heritage, this has led National Heritage Board (NHB) to commission a research team to document a portion of the shops in 2011. There were also several other non-governmental studies involving this area. Till this date, documentation of these shops includes only their life, history, general objects and use of the shop as a context for film. Therefore, this study aims to provide another aspect of documentation by exploring the spaces and unique aspects of each individual shop.

Being Nature

Being Nature explores the intimate connection of nature, mindful observation and needlework. In today’s fast-paced society of Singapore stressful lifestyle, mindfulness helps to combat the automatic pilot mode of individuals by paying attention to what is salient in the present moment.

The project aim is to explore the present moment through mindfulness, which helps to calm the mind & body to improve the overall balance of one’s well-being. Mindfulness in this project is the observation of nature that brings stillness through needlework. In addition, mindfulness is also the attention of the breath that flows in sync with the act of needling. The breath becomes an anchor to the present moment as one focus on the breathing instead of distracting thoughts.