Conference paper: Categories of friends on social networking sites

Zhang, X., Gao, Q., Khoo, C., & Wu, A. (2013). Categories of friends on social networking sites: An exploratory study. In The 5th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Library and Information Education and Practice (A-LIEP 2013): Proceedings (pp. 244-259). Khon Kaen City, Thailand: University of Khon Kaen, Faculty of Humanties and Social Sciences. Abstract: The widespread use of social networking sites has transformed the ways people make, communicate with and manage their friends. This study seeks to find out students’ perception of the types of friends they have on their social networking sites (SNS), such as Facebook and Twitter, in comparison to offline friends, and the quality of these friendships. A questionnaire survey was administered to 104 graduate students in the Division of Information Studies at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. It was found that the main categories of friends on SNS are school friends, work-related friends, friends sharing...
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Conference paper: A user study of the Singapore Memory Portal to derive a taxonomy for content organization

Srieedar, J., & Khoo, C.S.G. (2013). A user study of the Singapore Memory Portal to derive a taxonomy for content organization. In Proceedings of the 2013 Digital Heritage International Congress, 28 Oct-1 Nov 2013, Marseille, France (IEEE catalog no. CFP1308W-USB, pp. 297-305). Summary: This paper reports an initial user study of a cultural heritage portal called Singapore Memory Portal that was set up in Singapore to collect people’s memories related to the history, culture, society, life and landscape of Singapore’s past. The study sought to find out users’ expectations of the content of the portal, how they search and browse the portal, and what they learn about particular historical or cultural topics from reading postings in the portal. The goal is to derive a taxonomy to organize the portals’ content for browsing and learning. For this initial study, 12 Singapore citizens were interviewed to find out what topics...
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Welcome to my research blog! This blog gives an overview of my research projects and research directions. There is a separate page listed on the menu bar for the following areas: Natural language processing & text mining, especially multidocument summarization, sentiment analysis and information extraction Academic writing and thinking, including writing analytics Knowledge organization/representation: especially ontology construction to support text summarization, automatic discourse analysis, research data management, and cultural heritage portal Health informatics–new project: Live Reviews of COVID-19 Research: Automatic Updating and Visualization of Rapid Reviews of COVID-19 Interventions and Treatments Information behaviour in social media sites and heritage portals (no current projects) Brief cv and publication list...
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