Feedback for cm8001 impact of chemistry to society

1  The weekly test is a good idea to improve our understanding of the course. However, i believe there can be improvement be made to the course.

Conduct quiz only after lecture have been conducted. After listening to the professor explaining the content in the lecture note, a quiz conducted after the lecture will enable the professor to understand what are the common mistake by student and the student will be better able to handle the quiz.

2 The group question can be some structured question from past year paper. This enables student to practice question from past year paper and at the same time student will be more familar with the exam format.

3For future batch of students, a online quiz can be conducted weekly instead of quiz in lecture. This provides more flexiency for student to do the quiz at their own preferrd time. This reduces the time spent on quiz during lecture and the lecturer will be able to spend more time explaining the quiz question.

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Implication to society

Solubility is a chemical concept referring to the ability for a given substance, the solute, to dissolve in a solvent. It is measured in terms of the maximum amount of solute dissolved in a solvent at equilibrium.

  • The fact that carbon dioxide is soluble in water enables us to have soda and sparking water. Without the concept of solubility, we will not be able to enjoy drink like soda and sparking and we will be limited to a fewer variety of drink in our everyday life.
  • The fact that sugar is soluble in water enables us to sweeten our drink. Without the concept of solubility, we will not be able to sweeten our drink. Coffee or any other drink without sugar will be bitter and will be less frequently drink by human being.
  • The fact that gases are soluble in blood enables the blood to transport oxygen to different part of the body. Without the concept of solubility, the body may not be able to transport oxygen. Without oxygen, human being will not be able to survive.
  • For patients who are seriously sick with diseases or people who are brain dead, they may not be able to eat solid food. Food that are more soluble in water can be transported to their body easily through medical equipment to keep them alive.
  • The concept of solubility is also important for drug or medicine. If the drug is not very soluble in water, the blood may have a hard time absorbing it. The more soluble the drug is in water, the more easily the blood can absorb.
  • The concept of solubility also leads to many soda and soft drink being produced. The creation of such product leads to job created and lead to further boost of the economy.


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Chemical concept

Introduction and explanation

Water is a polar molecule as the atoms bind in such a way that there are excess electrons on the oxygen side and lack of excess of positive charge on the hydrogen side. Non-polar molecules are molecules that have no charge as the charges cancel each other out. Polar and non-polar molecules cannot form a solution with each other as they have different polarity and they do not attract one another. In a solution with polar and non-polar molecules, the polar molecules will attract with the other polar molecules rather than the non-polar ones. The pulling of polar molecules will result in moving away from the non-polar molecules and therefore this will result in the solution unable to mix.


The attractive dipole-dipole forces between polar substances are stronger than the dipole-induced dipole attractions possible between polar and non-polar substances. Since water is a polar substance, polar and ionic substances are hydrophilic. Non-polar substances are left to interact primarily with themselves and with other non-polar substances. Since they cannot interact as strongly with water as strongly as water interacts with itself, non-polar substances are hydrophobic. When mixed, polar and non-polar materials tend to form separate phases with minimal surface area between them. Surfaces are often curved or spherical because a sphere encloses the largest volume with the smallest surface area. Surface tension is another manifestation of the forces that keep phases apart.


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Desalination refers to the processes of removing salts and minerals from saline water. Desalination of water is carried out by two ways-1) Natural water desalination (The water cycle) and 2) Human Made Desalination Systems. During the hydrologic cycle the water that evaporates from the ocean leaves the salt content behind because salt does not evaporate. The water cycle helps in filtering saline sea water thereby creating fresh water for the irrigation of plants and crops. Human made desalination systems include thermal desalination and membrane desalination. Membrane desalination includes techniques like reverse osmosis and electro-dialysis.


Why is it important?

Importance of desalination- The earth is a planet with abundant water. The problem lies in the fact that most of the water (around 97 %) is in the oceans which have an average salt content of 35,000 ppm by weight and drinking this water regularly can be fatal. The rest of the water that is not in the oceans (around 3%) is not easily available for our use. Thus we need to use methods like desalination to produce fresh water for irrigation and human consumption. Desalination projects can be found in around 150 countries today. As world population increases, the demand for clean water will increase and desalination will become an important part of water supply in the 21st century.



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About the team

The team consists of member

Chua Hong Chiat

Soh Wen Jing

Srivastava Shreya

Song Rui Hao Melvin

The team name is called toxic and we are from group 22.

Our team will be embarking on an interesting and exciting journey in learning about the impact of chemistry on society through team based learning.

We will carry out research about desalination and the chemical concept involved.

Eventually we will update the blog with lot of interesting fact and chemical concept.

Finally, we will produce a video to show our understanding about our research.


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Meeting Minutes (25 February 2015)

Attendees : Chua Hong Chiat, Soh Wen Jing, Srivastava Shreya, Song Rui Hao Melvin

Location: NTU South spine, S4

Time : 4.30pm , 25 February 2015

Duration: 1.5 hours

Topics discussed :

We discussed on the chemical concepts that we will use for desalination. Then we further discuss and separate on the research materials between us. We going to combine our work and share our findings  on  the next meeting

Tasks Assigned:

Srivastava Shreya:  Research on desalination and why is it important.

Song Rui Hao Melvin:Define explain and elaborate on ionic bonding, solubility, polar and non polar bond

Soh Wen Jing : Update and record of meeting minutes and post it to the blog. Elaborate on how solubility, polar and non-polar affects of lives.

Chua Hong Chiat: Video making and combine of the overall work.

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Minutes (11 February 2015)

Attendees : Chua Hong Chiat, Soh Wen Jing, Srivastava Shreya, Song Rui Hao Melvin

Location: LT 27

Time: 3.30-4.10pm, 11 February 2015

Duration : 40 minutes

Description & Actions:


Description: Discussed on the topic on Desalination based on the topic given on “Unit 5:Water” during the discussion hours.We also had a short consultation  with Prof Felipe at the end of the lesson to discuss on the suitability of our topic “Desalination ”  as our topic and his approval to work on it

Actions : Need to finalise on what are the chemical concepts that we will be using to discuss in our blogs and video.


Description: Discussed and research on  the Team Question set 3 together during lesson time. Learn on how to use the blog to post our assignments and minutes .

Actions: Need to be uploaded to the blog by 17 February. Teach the other group mates on how to use the blog if they are still unsure on how to use it.

Completion  date : Before 17 February


Description: Research on the chemical concepts used in desalination. (eg, chemical equation in converting sea water to extract pure water )

Action : Require everyone to research on the chemical concepts use in desalination and share our findings to  further discuss in our next session of meeting.

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Answers for Team Questions Session 3

Qn 1)

Even though the amount of energy emitted is more than double the amount received, the earth does not cool rapidly because the atmosphere retains much of the emitted heat energy.


No, the statement made by the cartoon is not justified. The picture shows severe winter and snow fall. This dramatic changes in season shows that we have been affected by global warming. Global warming leads to severe and dramatic climatic changes all around the world. This winter should increase his concerns about global warming and not lowers them.

In addition, global warming leads to increase in temperature. This can cause ice in winter country to melt unexpectedly and can cause unexpected flood.


Water in the atmosphere can absorb the microwave radiation interfering with the detection of the intended object.


In the short run, air quality would be the most serious problem as compared to the other two problem. Air quality would be an almost immediate effect on living organism as all living organism need to breathe in air. However, this problem can be solved by filtering the emission point of polluted air.

As compared to global warming, ozone depletion can increase chance of getting skin cancer when depletion of ozone layer lead to more ultraviolet light reaching the earth. However, this problem can be solved by putting on sunblock to reduce the amount of uv ray absorbed by our skin.

In the long run, global warming would be the most serious. Global warming can lead to irregular climate change. Ice in winter countries can melt earlier than expected due to global warming. It can cause the earth water level to rise and therefore it will cause the earth to be flooded and kill lot of people




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