Technology Art in Fashion

AY 2016/17 Semester 1 DA9004 Group 07

Write Up

The inflatable suit is inspired the puffer’s unique natural defense – to morph into an unpalatable ball to its predators. The spherical shape, applied to the human body, acts like a halo of protection against direct impact. Created to protect, the Inflatable Suit can be triggered by an increase in acceleration – the greater the…

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Making of the rest of the garments

Sleeves, inspired by fish fins. Material: Pleated polyester fabric. Technique to create the effect: Connect the pleats on one end tightly together using elastic thread. On the other end, sew on bias tape. Insert thick nylon thread into the bias tape and close off. Push as much nylon thread into the pocket as possible. Dye:…

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Evaluating the Use of Material

Today, plastic constitutes approximately 90 percent of all trash floating on the ocean’s surface, with 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile.   Originally, my intention to make use of plastics stemmed from the requirement to contain air, and that the material has to be readily available to me and easily made/duplicated. Knowing that visual…

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Assembling Technology and Plastics Together

Assembling the suit together 1.(First image) The suit is sealed inside out just like sewing a bag. The outward facing and inward facing sides of the suit are seamed at the sides together with heat. They are covered with wax paper.   2.Refer to the second image. In order to keep the width of the seam consistent,…

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Research on Technology

I researched on some of the technology which allows inflation. Air-blower Pros: Can be used repeatedly instead of a one-time thing. Cons: Weighty gears to be carried by the user. Air blower cannot be covered to not hinder the spinning of the fan, hence need to be placed near the legs or worn externally. Cannister…

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Material Experimentation

  Main material: Plastic sheets derived from fusing plastic bags Reasons and Considerations Weight Texture Stiffness Inflatability Ability to store air Ease of getting it Ability to achieve interesting aesthetics May look more organic than it is – to project the idea that although plastics are not usually associated with organicity, it can be manipulated to…

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Experimenting with Forms

Which way of making the suit creates a visually interesting form without air contained (first)? What kinds of form can the inflatable suit take? Which process of making an inflatable can be the most simple with the greatest visual impact?     Mock-ups – from making mock-ups, one of the most obvious issues of wastage…

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Moodboard and Introduction

In 1978 disaster in Waverley, Tennessee, 16 rescue workers were killed and 43 others injured by a petroleum gas rupture and explosion while cleaning up debris from a twenty-three-car train derailment. It is a tragedy that additional lives are lost post-disaster. Disaster sites pose a multitude of safety concerns. According to the National Institute for…

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