Lab Members

Final Year Project Student

  Choo Wei Kim, Rozenne
Final Year Project Student WY 2017-18
My research interest lies in the field of Clinical Health Psychology and Educational Psychology. I am interested in factors such as sleep that may mediate the relationship between loneliness and health-related quality of life in cardiac patients. I am also interested in other psychosocial factors that may affect recovery behaviors of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Graduate Student

XuYue Xu Yue
PhD Candidate
Humans share the feeling of heart hurt when they are emotionally sad. How do we feel and think with heart? How does the heart interact with our cognitive and affective states? Health psychology and biological psychology make it possible to explore these questions. Using a combination of questionnaire, psychophysical testing, and physiological recording, I am working on: 1) The properties of heart rate variability (HRV). 2) The extent to which HRV is related to stress; its influence on health behaviors. I am also interested in the interplays between depression, anxiety, and related psychological characteristics and chronic inflammatory diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.​
Fan YunGe
PhD Candidate
My primary research interests focus on clinical psychology and health psychology. I am interested to explore the psychosocial factors and intervention skills in the rehabilitation of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes as well as mental disorders.
lh Ng Leong Hwee
MA Candidate
My primary research interests centers on child development. More specifically, I am interested to know more about the protective and risk factors in children’s socio-emotional development. I am also interested in studying how the different parental ideologies and values among cultures can affect children’s development.​

Research Assistant

  Sim Wei Khang Jeremy
Research Assistant 
Psychological factors can have a direct effect on health and well-being. In the field of health psychology, I am interested in the influence of various psychological factors on the management and recovery of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Specifically, I have special interest in pain felt by patients with and due to chronic diseases. Hence, I aim to find out more on how various psychological factors may influence the coping or management of pain and recovery in general.

Lab Alumni (Final Year Project Undergraduates)

Benjamin Lim Chee Chong: FYP Student WY 2017
Guan YingYi: FYP Student WY 2014-15
Lee Pei Xuan, Ester:  FYP Student WY 2015-16
Lee Shu Hui, Michelle: FYP Student WY 2014-15
Lim Jia Ying Germaine: FYP Student WY 2016-17
Low Han Loong: FYP Student WY 2014-15
Ng Jin Huat, Emil: FYP Student WY 2014-15
Ng Shi Min, Claire: FYP Student WY 2016-17
Oliver Tan Ruiwen: FYP Student WY 2016-17
Phay Yan Deng: FYP Student WY 2016-17
Stephanie Hilary Ma XinYi: FYP Student WY 2015-16
Tan Jun Liang, Jonathan: FYP Student WY 2015-16
Tan Ruiwen, Oliver: FYP Student WY 2016-17
Wong Qiu Yan: FYP Student WY 2015-16

Lab Alumni (URECA)

Lean Jing Hui: URECA Student WY 2015-16
Vivian Balachandran: URECA Student WY 2014-15

Lab Alumni (Project Officer and Research Assistant)

Benjamin Lim Chee Chong: RA (Oct – Dec 2016)
Bernice Seow Jia Yun: RA (Dec – Apr 2017)
Chan Jia Jun Ebenezer: 
RA (Dec – Apr 2017)
Guan YingYi:
 PO (Jun 2015 – Jan 2016)
Lee Mei Wah: PO (Feb – Jul 2016)
Lee Shih Min Debbie: RA (Jun – Nov 2016)
Lee Pei Xuan, Ester:  RA (Feb – Jul 2015) & PO (Aug 2016 – Aug 2017)
Lim Jia Ying Germaine:  RA (Mar – Apr 2016)
Mak Foo Sing: RA (Feb – Jul 2015)
Ng Leong Hwee: PO (Jun 2014 – Jun 2015)
Oliver Tan Ruiwen: RA (Oct – Dec 2016)
Phay Yan Deng: RA (Mar – Apr 2016; May – Aug 2017)