My own personalised exam welfare packs

Once again, it’s that time of the year.

After more than 15 years of being a student you’d think I would have gotten used to exams by now, but not really. Every semestral exam brings about thrills. (Last semester, I actually had a paper where the professor asked us to design our own question and then answer it!)

Anyway, the only good thing about exams is they provide excuses for lots of other unrelated stuff.

“Let’s have dinner together before the exams!”

“Let’s go for a buffet after exams!”

Pre-exam dinners, post-exam celebrations, mid-exam breather lunches – anything can be done in the name of exams, just to ease the stress a little. When it comes to stress relief, nothing else does it better than food.

Which is why I have this practice of giving out little personalised exam welfare packs to some of my friends just before the exam period.

What’s left of the exam pack I gave a friend

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The guide to happy mugging

It’s the dreaded mid-term season at university now, where life is rife with project and essay deadlines. Still, there’s no reason why one shouldn’t experience comforting moments now and then. It is during such trying times of a student’s life when one better appreciates the little joys of life – like the friends who stay back to study with you and yummy treats to get you going.

Tip #1:

Share your woes with a loved one.

Takeaway tuna salad from Raffles Place – credits to my loving study buddy.

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