Hi everybody! My name is Anupriya. Currently, I am a second year undergraduate student, majoring in Psychology. As part of my studies, I’ve been assigned to create a blog related to Conservation Psychology. Therefore, my blog is about the biodiversity crisis that Indonesia is facing.

Forest fires are a growing concern in Indonesia due to its effects on human health. As such, I am interested to discover more on the devastating effects of these forest fires on the biodiversity in Indonesia. In addition, I would like to learn about the other factors that affects Indonesia’s biodiversity.

In my blog, you will discover that Indonesia is both high in species richness and endemism. Moreover, I’ll explore the causes of biodiversity loss and some of the endangered species of Indonesia. Finally, the conversation strategies that were adopted to address the threats to Indonesia’s biodiversity have also been discussed.

Hope you enjoy exploring my blog!


PSY Batch 2013 LIVE created on 13/06/2013
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