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 Conservation Chart

The chart above provides a simplified overview of the perpetual problem which is Global Warming. At the Climate Change Summit, Obama had pressed China to cut back their global carbon dioxide emissions due to the colossal amount they contribute (Lander & Davenport, 2014).  Most of the global carbon dioxide emissions come from the production and burning of coal in China itself. There is another cause : overpopulation, which is discussed in the CAUSES section.

China has a heavy reliance on coal for its energy source and with its population set to increase, there is potential perpetual increase in the demand of energy, and in turn, coal. The huge demand of coal naturally pushes large corporations and small companies to seek ways to be able to source for land for building coal plants or coal factories. However by doing so, this increases the emissions of carbon dioxide which accelerates the rate of global warming.

The government is in charge of implementing policies to ensure that the coal industry is regulated. However, it is difficult to do so as the country is very big and their reliance on coal as an energy is very high. Henceforth, the Climate Change Summit is geared towards helping the world to tackle Global Warming, by pressurizing the Chinese Government.

People directly and indirectly affected by the effects of Global Warming, both local and international are always swift in blaming the governments for not controlling the activities and for not alleviating the problem. However, the people have the power to make a change for the better. To add on, the consumers ironically are also the affected individuals of global warming.






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