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Gordon (2014).
Gordon (2014). Retrieved from :


From the comic strip above, we can see that the general consensus is that Global Warming is hardly felt by most individuals as climate change often is a slow but progressive phenomenon which results in occasional catastrophes (for instance, typhoons).  Read on to find out more in the blog on what the actual effects of Global Warming is about and how it can directly/indirectly affect YOU.

In Theory, Frederick, Loewenstein, & O’Donoghue (2002) posits that individuals have a tendency to discount risks whose negative effects will be felt in the distant future.

Here’s the interesting part :

Individuals in China are experiencing bad air pollution due to the excess of carbon dioxide that China industrial areas are emitting. Yet, the government has yet to find an alternative for using coal as an energy source. However, at the recent Climate Change Summit 2014, China was pressed to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. There are effects which are discussed in the blog. Click to read on more and find out how global warming can affect us.

Link : China’s toxic air pollution resembles nuclear winter, says scientists.





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