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Hello there reader, welcome to the blog titled ‘China’s Impact on Global Warming’.

The blogger is just your atypical university undergraduate at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He is currently pursuing a major in Psychology and is fulfilling a requirement for a module (HP331, Conservation Psychology). Few adjectives to describe him can be “spontaneous”, “fun-loving”, “chill”.  His hobbies include going to the gym, going cafe-hopping, spending quality time with friends, playing recreational sports, playing computer games, reading history, and eating. Yes, he is a foodie. He “lives to eat”.

He has been extremely keen on conservation issues, pertaining to global issues. However for the scope of this curriculum, he will focus on China’s affect in Global Warming. He hopes that you will enjoy reading this blog and garner some knowledge from it. With that, he’ll like to humbly request you sit back and read the blog preferably with a martini a piping hot cup of tea. Oh and by the way, his name is Bryan. And yes, speaking from the third person perspective can get enthralling at times. Fin.

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