Most of us may seem so far from the action where everything is taking place but there is still so much that we can all do to contribute to these efforts in conserving the rainforests and orangutans. Every single one of our efforts count!

Here is a list of ways in which individuals like you and me can help save the orangutans:

1. Only consume products made from sustainable palm oil.

Sustainable palm oil means that the plantation is using the same plot of land that they were allocated without illegally clearing more forests to produce more palm oil.

2. Donate money to NGOs or raise funds to support the projects carried out by the NGOs.

NGOs need as much support as they can get to fund their projects as well as keep the pressure on the government to address these environmental issues. With much support from the community, it will be difficult to ignore their appeals.

3. Join an NGO!

Apart from supporting one though donations, it would be even greater to actually join one and get even closer to the action and the activity where you get to meet other individuals who are just as passionate and work together to come up with new ideas to create a sustainable environment.

4. Spread the word!

By simply telling others about the urgency of these issues, more people will be aware of the need for much change in attitude and action towards the environment. Creating blogs, organising talks and shows in various fields of society will surely get the message across to the majority of people who are indifferent about the loss of our biodiversity. With such attempts, hopefully people will also decide to step up and play their part in saving the environment and of course our orangutans.