About Me

Michael Mah

I was born into the world and destined for something special 22 years ago. My parents described me as “an Angel sent from Heaven” as I was the third child and seemingly the unexpected one. I became an avid traveler, even before I learned my alphabets. Before 2 years old, my family moved to Vancouver, Canada where I discovered the magical realm of snow.


Vancouver, Canada

My family traveled to San Francisco when I was only four years old and I stayed there till I was ten.


San Francisco, California

2009.12.24--2010.1.13 (114)

View from my house. Penang, Malaysia


As if my life wasn’t culturally infused enough, my family moved to Penang, Malaysia where most of my childhood memories were formed. I lived here for nearly seven years.




At the age of 16 and a half, I took a leap of faith and decided to follow my parents to a humble city in China. The city of Nanning which was widely known for it’s environmental causes, hence it was dubbed the Green City of China. Although I only lived there for 3 years, experiencing the culture and atmosphere made the greatest impact on life, especially my worldviews.


Nanning, Guangxi Province, China. Also known as the Green City


Walmart Shopping Mall


…greatest impact on my life



In 2010, at the age of 19 I began my journey into National Service. A memory I wouldn’t forget. It was my first time that I lived in Singapore for an extended period of time, a place where I could now call Home.





My name is Michael Mah and I am a Year 2 Psychology student in NTU, purs1uing a minor in Entrepreneurship with an interest in Business.

My adventures around the world have taught me to appreciate the simple things in life. Being so far away from my family has also taught me to become more independent, competent, and culturally experienced. More importantly, nature has always been a part of my life since young. I kept many pets such as dogs, cats, birds and even hamsters during my childhood days. I also frequently visit parks and go swimming along beaches in Penang. Thus, growing up in various naturalistic settings have changed my worldview and made me who I am today.

Nature has always been a part of my life, and I’ve learned to cherish it. So I created this weblog to provide awareness on a relevant issue pertaining to all Singaporeans. I hope you enjoy it!