Climate Change Study

In 2007 The National Environment Agency (NEA) over two phases conducted the 1st National Climate Change Study.

Phase 1 showed climate change would lead to the rise of sea level by 0.65m, while a 4.20C rise in temperatures by 2100

Phase 2 on the other hand studied the level of impact on public health, urban temperature profile, energy consumption of buildings and biodiversity.

Key Findings of the Singapore Climate Change Study
Climate Change Projections
(in 2100 relative to present)
IPCC AR4 Projections Singapore Climate Change Study Findings
Change in Average Temperature (°C) +1.7 to +4.4 +2.7 to +4.2
Change in Rainfall (%) -2 to +15 Further studies needed – these are now ongoing
Change in Mean Sea Level (m) +0.18 to +0.59 +0.24 to +0.65