Initiatives taken by the people

NGOs and Youth

NGOs and passionate play a vital role not just in protecting the environment and combatting the effects of climate change, but they also help raise awareness within the community. An example of a youth group is SAVE (Students Against Violation of the Earth) at NUS (National University of Singapore). This group has organized various campaigns to sensitize and create awareness among their fellow students for their environment.



Organisational and the Corporate level

In the industrial sector also understands that they are responsible towards the environment and have taken several initiatives towards protecting the same. Hence various associations like Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, the Singapore Business Federation and the Singapore Compact are now encouraging their members to look at business from not just the financial aspect but also the social and the environmental aspect.


Another commendable corporate level initiative is the Eco action Day, and this year it  was launched under the slogan “Greening the Red Dot”. The term “red dot” is used because Singapore is often marked by a red dot on many world maps. The aim of this initiative is to foster environmentally friendly attitudes among businesses and individuals. The initiative also aims to make businesses and individuals realize that even the smallest of actions count for example companies are encouraged to pledge to put the temperature of the air conditioners in their office at 250C. According to Yuen Sai Kuan, director of the National Climate Change Secretariat, this initiative is important to address the climate change issue, this is because one of the predominant contributors to Singapore’s emission profile is our energy consumption and this initiative targets just that .i.e. reducing the energy consumption of the individual and organisations.