Some suggestions for you

  • Shift from a non-vegetarian diet to a vegetarian diet – Research suggests that the livestock industry accounts for 14-18% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. One of the major reasons for this is that cattle belching releases high amounts of methane into the air. Moreover a lot of forest land is cleared to manage these cattle. Although in Singapore most of our meat is imported from other places but the effects of global warming due to the increase in the greenhouse gases will be felt world over.


  • Using the public transport – Although in Singapore the government takes a lot of measures to control the number of cars on the road, despite that those who can afford a car prefer to use that instead of the public transport. It is advised to use the public transport as it essentially reduces the per person carbon emissions.


  • Reduction in daily energy consumption- Some simple steps which have been prompted to people time and again like switch off the electric appliances when not in use, reducing the air conditioner usage etc


  • Avoid “warming up” your car before driving – Do not idle your car engine when it is stationery, this leads to unnecessary carbon pollution. Instead drive the car slowly for a few miles and the engine will warm upon its own.


  • Make wise choices for cosmetic products – Avoid buying cosmetic products that contain petroleum or petroleum derived preservatives, as petroleum is an extremely finite resource and a very important fossil fuel. One should look for alternatives such as beeswax.


  • Shift to e-books – Instead of buying or using hard-copies of reading materials, use e-books. Save paper save trees. Trees are an extremely important resource to us they use up the carbon dioxide in the air during the process of photosynthesis and release oxygen into the air.